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"Discover The 10 Step Template Solution, That Will Have You Producing Cash Converting, Killer Copy With Simplicity & Ease!"

"There is no longer a need to suffer failure due to poor copy not selling your pride-worthy creations!"

"What really impressed me is the easy way you presented the points...just simple
and direct without two pages of justification for each one, which leaves the reader (and me) wondering what the original point was."

See below

 From: Randy Smith
 Re: Your Sales Letter

      Dear Frustrated Marketer,

I'm assuming you're frustrated, - Why? - Simply because I have had so many emails and messages from people who have listened to the advice they see online, and have finally created a product of their own. 

You and I both know that every marketer that has achieved any level of success has done so because they have their own product, and that the advice they ALWAYS give to any newbie is - You Must Have Your Own Product! Well it does seem obvious and any checking of the facts seem to prove it to be the case....

I mean come on - even the people selling info on affiliate marketing and adsense sites "Have their own products about this info!"

So in a fit of hard work and enthusiasm many people will put in a great deal of effort into creating something to be proud of!

Something they've spent a lot of time researching and even more time writing and formatting, ensuring it to be a product of value filled with quality, useful information that their readers will be grateful for.

And here's the 'Catch 22'

They spend ages creating a pride-worthy product, accumulate other products with rights to use as bonuses and giveaways, and are all set to finally start making some money.......

Only to find that no-one likes their sales page!

Without good converting copy a couple of nightmarish things happen!

Firstly - they struggle to make any sales themselves, And it is Frustrating to the point where many just give up on their dreams completely.

Resulting in all the hard earned cash they invested in domain names, hosting, graphics and autoresponders.... etc.

PLUS the hours they spent uploading the sales letter, building the buy now button, sorting the payment processor, the download page, possibly upsells and downsells, confirmation pages and thankyou pages, emails and more ....

All prove to be Wasted! - both in terms or Time and Money!

And all because they didn't have a sales letter set up to hold their visitor's interest and lead them to the buy button!

Secondly - And Possibly Worse still,

Any attempt to get some JV partners to help send even more traffic to the page in the hope of making something back for their efforts, results in rejection after rejection..

Why? - because those more experienced marketers don't want to send their lists to a page where they know that no one will stay and read! Simply put - they know it won't make sales, and let's be frank - that is the point in them sending a promotion to their lists.

If our frustrated marketer is lucky - They may be given some advice.

And that advice would normally be to "go and seek out a professional copywriter and get your sales letter rewritten and setup to sell."  Many do –

I know I've had the enquiries!



Have you ever investigated how much it cost to hire a good copywriter?, and I don't mean the special offers where a new recruit who thinks they can write is forced to write for free as a junior to a more established copywriter, who will then charge them out at a special price of just hundreds instead of their own fees of thousands.

I mean a true professional who interviews you, does the research and comes back with a sales letter that is sure to get results..... One that the JV partners are happy to promote. One that your own traffic would buy from and cause you to start earning some profits from your product!

Yep - it's beyond the reach of many new marketers and even some who are already making a small or even reasonable income.....

Having established that a good sales letter is the only thing standing in the way of success for so many marketers who have a product ready to go....

You may even have already decided that "Once you've made some profits" you might eventually be able to budget for a copywriter of high standing, like the more experienced and profitable marketers do....

Suffice to say this is usually the point that our frustrated marketer goes looking for information on copywriting! - maybe you've done the same?

And so you're faced with challenge number two!

So many "Copywriting Courses and ebooks" seem to be written with a view of setting the buyer up for a degree course in copywriting!

With hundreds of pages explaining the psychology of human nature and which part of the brain makes which decision based on what criteria etc. etc.

Talk about info overload!               help

In most cases they and you, only want to write a simple sales letter that will get results - You don't want to apply for a job on Madison avenue or any other advertising agency for that matter!

~~~Let me give you a comparison~~~

Would you buy a product that incorporates a complete course to teach you to be an electrician - Would you attend an institute of learning month after month, sit through countless exams and tests......

When all you want to do is change a plug or a light bulb?

Surely not - you only need to invest the minimum time to check which way the wires go?

If you drive - did your driving instructor teach you the complete workings of an internal combustion engine, so that you could strip your vehicle to it's thousands of components and reassemble it blindfolded?

Or did you just want to safely get from A to B in confident control the vehicle?

No Wonder marketers just like you get so frustrated!
When people want you to buy all these hundreds of page courses on the psychology of copywriting to the N'th degree -
And all you want is a simple sales page that will turn your visitors into buyers!

Do you agree with me so far? .... Does what I've said make sense?
And more importantly - does it ring any bells for you?

Well you're about to discover something that will really help you,
For all those who want it simple and easy, Creating a Sales Letter that does it's job has finally been broken down to it's ABC's....

"How To Solve All Your Sales Copy Problems, Fast & Forever!"

With An Easy To Follow, Simple Sales Letter Template, You Can Adapt For Your Ebook or Report,


"Sales Letter ABC"

The 10 Step Template Solution!

10 Simple Easy Steps - Complete with a Proven Template of a recent sales letter that is converting above average!

This 33 page guide is filled with only what you need to know so that you can produce a sales letter that converts

You'll receive a template to follow where you can copy & paste in your own details, Highlighted with steps 1 to 10 so you know exactly where to place your elements of copy.

You'll also receive a complete outline of what to put and where to put it, with concise information on what works.

Finally it's possible for anyone, Including you, to follow a simple solution that will get the results you desire quickly and easily.
Terry Telford

Hey Randy,


I just spent the past 30 minutes testing out Sales Letter ABC and I have to say I am very impressed, my friend.


As a copywriter, it takes quite a bit to impress me when it comes to a "template" approach to writing sales letters. I've used other template sales letter systems with very limited success.


I think what impressed me the most was your writing style. The report that accompanies your template is fantastic. I instantly get the feeling you know what you're talking about. And it became more and more obvious as I read your report.


You cover all the bases for writing a solid sales letter, but you've done it in a manner that anyone can understand it, regardless of their background.


I look forward to recommending your product to my subscribers and including it in my recommendations on my website.


Excellent work Randy.
Talk again soon.


Enjoy your day!

Terry :)
Picture a guide that only gives you what you need to know, and doesn't try to add on a few hundreds pages of confusion....... got a picture of it? -  that's what you have here!

Imagine the relief you'll feel, when you realise you no longer have to worry about copywriters fees until you choose to. And in the mean time still having real Cash Converting Copy bringing in daily sales of your product.

Think about the JV's you could get, once you can show them your professional looking page, that is laid out and formatted to earn them money, filled with words that will hold their lists attention to your page until it leads them to your buy button!

Can you see the difference it will make to you and others like you, not to have to spend weeks studying, soaking in reams of information you don't actually need!

Instead you'll be able to see what is relevant to you, use the info to compose each section of your template, and have it all done while still having time free for your other marketing needs.

What's more, you'll be able to rinse and repeat with as many more sales letters as you may need for your other products as you create them.

Take a look at the headings for the straight talking advice you'll get included with the 10 Step Template Solution in SalesLetter ABC....

- Introduction

- What is a Sales Letter

- Fonts and Colours

- Layout

- Graphic Images


- Use of Words

- Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

- Secret Ingredient

- Template Step One
(& Continuing Step By Step, To Step Ten.)

- Further Tips & Recommendations

- Resources

Every chapter is made of short, clear and concise paragraphs, Each of which only tell you what works.

They really don't go into the whys and wherefores of all the testing carried out, You wouldn't really want them to would you?

If a signature converts better in blue - then that's what you'll read.
Not how many sites were tested and what percentage over time were analysed and by how many copywriters in what varying niches for pete's sake... Just write it in blue because it's proven to convert better.

Likewise - did you know that Ted Nicholas is reputed to have spent over 00,000 testing to see the difference putting "Speech Marks" around a headline made?....
The result was a 28% better conversion rate...  So we won't be discussing that, just letting you know what works best!

I'm sure you'd agree with me - that's all you need to know isn't it?

Each and every paragraph of advice and suggestions is exactly the same.....
No fluff, no boring facts, just relevant information you can put to use today, on your new sales letter.
You'll find that the whole report and template is designed to make it as easy and simple as A B C !
When you download SalesLetterABC today - you will literally be able to open it, read it once, and then put it to use. Keeping it open as a reference guide while you follow each of the ten simple steps.

By the time you reach step ten, your sales letter will be complete, and it will sell !

Hey - it won't be a 25,000 dollar sales letter -
(Am I allowed to say that?.... or am I supposed to spin this all into hype and pretend you'll be the next Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy or Gary Halbert) ... hehe

Sorry but it won't do that... However it will convert and bring you sales that you wouldn't have had before!

Read what others have already said about SalesLetterABC:

Randy...I loved your ebook, "Sales Letter ABC" It is well written and flows from one point to another in a friendly manner.

Your steps are simple enough to NOT resemble the usual "Guru/Geek Speak" useless baloney found in most ebooks I've read...and wasted my money on, I should add.
Your examples of some of your actual sales experiences will benefit anyone involved in writing sales letters to market online products.
Very few ebooks provide the steps within a proven method of creating a successful sales letter like "Sales Letter ABC" does.
What really impressed me is the easy way you presented the points...just simple and direct without two pages of justification for each one, which leaves the reader(and me) wondering what the original point was.
Great Job!
Pat Graham, Professional Ghostwriter
Need articles, ebooks, ecourses?

I must confess, Randy, that I begged you to let me look at your new SalesLetterABC so I could learn more about writing good copy, not to look for any typo’s as I had offered.  

My scheme worked and once I got my hands on the information, I took notes!  Now I feel like I’ve got a good base for writing copy, so many thanks!
Randy, I think you’ve got a good resource here for those just starting out online and are struggling with the “marketing” part of internet marketing.  It’s obvious you’ve put a lot of thought and work into this.
Peggy Baron

You've Done it again Randy!
A simple, concise, easy to follow system that allows anyone to create "Killer" Sales pages.

And for those people who are just climbing the first step on the "Marketing Ladder", well, it's perfect!

Pete Crossman

I'm so glad that someone has, at last, decided to do a step-by-step template of how to construct a sales page; and I'm glad it was you that did it. I couldn't think of a more qualified person to put this together.

I think many people are afraid of writing sales pages; it can be a daunting task if you're not an expert. I have to admit it's my least favourite part of product creation!

I love the way you take a sales page and break down each section of it with helpful tips and reasoning for each part. It's then just a case of adapting it to your own product.

For anyone who runs a mile from creating a sales page and can't afford to pay thousands to have one created for them, this is a god-send.

Thanks, Randy, for letting me have a sneak-preview - as always, your stuff is a joy to read.

Very best wishes
Paula Brett 

Hi Randy,
Thanks for asking me to take a look at your new eBook.

I think it's a great idea and I'm amazed that nobody thought to
create something like this sooner.

Some of the most popular questions on marketing forums
surround sales pages.
It's still one of the most difficult tasks in marketing to do, yet there aren't that many resources out there to help people when it comes to creating your own sales page.

I've been creating sales pages for over 2 years now and there are still things mentioned in your eBook that are new to me.
So for anyone new to marketing or sales pages the eBook will be a great help.

Congratulations on a job well done!
Dan Thompson

Hi Randy,
Your book Sales Letter ABC is the best book about sales letters that I've ever seen. No one should ever hit the cl'cky thing when reading whatever you've written.  You've proven yourself to be a real wordsmith:)

The fact that you can use this information and template again and again must value it at $97 or higher.

But the whole point in creating it was to help people who didn't want the 'Degree Course' copywriting products.

By Now you must be keen to get your hands on SalesLetterABC, You'll want to know what you're going to invest to be able to follow the 10 Step Template Solution to creating your own Cash Converting Killer Copy.....

It was painstakingly put together to make creating a sales letter that worked Simple & Easy for the people who asked me for my help and advice, .... And so - in order to ensure they get the opportunity to utilise this resource I won't be charging $97 or $67 for it.

Extra Bonus To Help!
Valued at $97 - and comes with resell rights 
Free Bonus
To help make creating your sales letter even easier, you can register your download and you'll instantly be able to download "Easy Sales Letter Template Maker".

Using all the tips , guidelines and advice in SalesLetterABC - you'll be able to input your sales copy into the "Easy Sales Letter Template Maker" and it will Build Your Web Page for You.

It walks you through a simple step by step process, and all you do is fill in the blanks with the copy you will be creating!

You can download the report, the template and the bonus today for only $47

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To get your instant download use the button below, and be ready to close extra sales, get more JV's and  make more money

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By The Way ... I'll Put Any Perceived Risk On Me....


I have been using Randy's services for a few years now and I am more than happy with the results he has given me.

The fact he has laid out how he creates a sales page STEP-BY-STEP means even someone on the tightest of budgets can now afford his services.

The way he walks you through the whole process is nothing short of amazing.
I highly recommend you check out this eBook.

John Thornhill

Hi Randy,
I just thought I would email you to tell you how
much I enjoyed reading this.

I found it a real education and inspiration.
It’s completely clear that you practise what you preach.

There are several points in the e-book where you make a statement
about one of the methods and then a bit later on I realise you have indeed done that for yourself inside your own e-book !

Now that’s true confidence in believing what you
say really works!

You have shot-up the copywriting league table, and are most
definitely someone that people should be listening too – and
more importantly learning from !

If anyone is reading this now and your not sure about spending
anything from 000+ on a pro copywriter – then this e-book is a real intro to the world of successful copywriting,
so you can save money and teach yourself this need to know trade.
It is absolutely something to consider buying today.

Many Thanks,
Brian Collins

Hi Randy,

I just finished reading your powerful report “Salesletter ABC”
and all I can say is thank you!

I feel that you have revealed the true secrets to successful copywriting.

You have explained in simple terms, so that even a beginner
can learn quickly, what good copywriting means to an online
business, which is ultimately the difference between success and failure.

Your guide delivers a proven recipe that any online marketer NEEDS to follow to ensure that they TURN VISTORS INTO BUYERS.

Like so many other ebook authors’ I fall at the final hurdle,
I spend months writing my ebook, but due to my lack of copywriting skills, I spend only minutes on a sales page,

However armed with the information in your report, my sales pages are about to transform!

I can honestly say this is one of the best reports I have read
in a long time, and I must compliment you on the way you write,
your passion for copywriting and passing on your experience
oozes out of this report.

If we could all master copywriting like you, our sales would surely
come pouring in!

Sally Neill


It's about time somebody came up with this idea, and there is no better qualified person than you Randy.
When you sent me the ebook to review, I realised that it is an idea that nobody has bothered to cover yet in simple 'understandable' terms!
How could something so important to sales be overlooked!

Anyway, I have to say it is an excellent read Randy, it really does cover all the important steps in simple, understandable steps, and I have to say that this is an 'essential' ebook for anybody selling anything, as it's techniques can be applied to any type of product sales page.
Nice one Randy!
Dave Nicholson

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You get the template with each step highlighted, ready for you to delete and paste in your new copy.

As well as the complete guide going through each step one by one with an easy to follow description making your task a simple one.

And the extra tips and overall guide as to what will makes your's - an effective and converting Sales Letter.

Plus you can register for the bonus software to make creating new templates a simple 20 minute task anytime you need to!
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As Simple As ABC

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I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing your sales letter on the web, selling your product and making your money!


To Your Future Success, with all things... 

Randy Smith

Randy Smith

P.S.  With SalesLetterABC, You Really Can Get Your Own Sales Letter Written Quickly and Easily With These 10 Simple Steps!

P.P.S. Remember - this is NOT a Degree Course in Copywriting.... It's a Simple 10 Step Template Solution That Anyone Can Easily Follow!

P.P.P.S. Don't Miss Out On The Special Offer Price, With The 100% Money Back Guarantee - Any Risk Is All On Me!

Hi Randy,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your fantastic step by step e-book, "salesletter ABC".

I faced writing my first sales page with total dread and your book came recommended to me through John Thornhill.

Your e-book is amazing, I completed my sales letter a step at a time following your exact instructions. Your support has been wonderful and your advice second to none!!!

You really gave me everything I needed to succeed in completing my sales page.

Thank you

Tara Dipalma

Hi Randy,

I have been using your SalesLetterABC report for my first ebook that I have just finished.
Your 10 Step Sales Letter Solution has helped me to create my sales page, in a very orderly and professional manner.

The way you have outlined the simple steps, and explain what to do and what not to do makes this very easy for everyone to understand.

Writing sales page's is something I have never done before, but by following your step by step procedure I was able to accomplish this with ease.
Your SalesLetterABC report is an outstanding,and much needed product and I highly recommend all to give it a try.

William Potts

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